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eDoc is a software solution for technical documentation management in the energy sector.

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Plant planning and engineering

eDoc has been specially designed to meet the needs of project teams that have to compiling large plant operating manuals. Many tedious and time-consuming tasks have been automated.

The advantages are

  • Shorter time to Competition
  • Better quality
  • Customer satisfaction


eDocIndustry Installation

eDoc Installed localy within the company network

eDocCloud service

eDoc as cloud services rented on a yearly basis

Web platform for plants projects

Web platform for plants projects.

User rights management

Role-based access control assigns roles to the users of eDoc

User interface language

Choose between seven different languages or have custom language added.

One document viewer for all formats

eDoc automaticaly converts Documents for viewing.

Search engine

Powerfull search engine (Google like) with extended search of KKS, titles, Metadaten, etc.

Drag & Drop file import

Drag & Drop files from Windows Explorer to eDoc. Import documents in original format, e.g. docx, xlsx, dwg, pdf etc.

Text recoginition (OCR)

Scanned documents are automaticaly converted to searchable text

Open original documents

Open documents in native formats directly out of eDoc in the corresponding desktop application

Searchable text on CAD drawings

All CAD drawings are searchable


Configuration of project specific metadata

Print versions

Automatic generation of pdf print versions for paper printing a complete project documentation. Time saving up to 60%.

Usefull functions for maintenance teams

Virtual books, bookmarks, Notes and feedback-function

Versioning of documents and projects

Keep older versions of documents and projects

For use on mobile divices

For use on mobile divices, 3G/4G, wifi and offline

QR code / Bar code reader

Automatic search using QR code / Bar code


Interfaces to maintenance systems like COMOS / AMOS and process control systems from different suppliers

Email archive

Automatic email archive for all project correspondence

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Top 10 Questions

What is eDoc Documentation Management System?

eDoc is a software solution for technical documentation management in the energy sector. 

Who can benefit from the use of edoc?

eDoc customers from energy industry and of any size with requirements to manage their electronic documents, media and other digital assets in a secure and controlled environment can benefit from eDoc. 

What are eDoc's main capabilities?
  • eDoc enables the capture and management of electronic documents, CAD models and drawings, MS-Office files, scanned images, multi-media files, and any other electronic files that should be stored and controlled in a secure environment
  • eDoc provides version and revision control, full text retrieval and search functionality specially built for the energy sector, e.g. KKS search
  • Automatic generating a print version, 1 PDF per paper binder
  • Generating an offline version of the Documentation for mobile use 
How easy is it for occasional users to execute their work using eDoc?

eDoc has an easy-to-use, intuitive, user interface. The user interface is Windows like designed and easy to use even for occasional users

Does every PC on which eDoc is used have to licensed?

No. The license is valid for all PC’c within one plant

Can one eDoc Server be used by more than one plant?

Yes. But the license-model changes, price on application

How long does the implementation of eDoc take?

There are many factors that influence the implementation effort and duration. For engineering/planning (as built documentation) of new plants the implementation takes only a few weeks. For new plants that get a documentation made with eDoc the implementation takes only a few days. For operators of existing plants it is dependent on the state of the documentation 

How can customers understand if eDoc capabilities meet their requirements?

A first check can be made per telephone. A detailed analysis can be made wtih functional and target specifications 

Are services for the implemetationon of eDoc offered?

eDoc industry offers all services that are requierd for the implementation of eDoc and compleating an as built documentation 

What does eDoc cost?

The price for eDoc differs depending on the intended use. Engineering, planning or operating a plant require different features, price on application

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